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Kundalini Yoga - with Sara Campbell

Arrangør:Københavns Yoga
Fra:6/8/2012 kl. 15:30
Til:17/8/2012 kl. 17:00
Antal visninger:1530

Classes of Kundalini Yoga guided by Sara Campbell

Sara is back in August 2012

We are at Copenhagen Yoga proud to welcome Sara Campbell, world champion freediver and yoga teacher, who will guide you through inspiring classes over 4 days.


Theme for august classes: COMMUNICATION FROM THE HEART

Classes will cover:

- Letting go of the past

- Discovering your true Self

- Honest communication in partnerships

- Prayer - the highest form of communication

While communication is not normally considered a typical theme for yoga classes, communication comes into and governs all aspects of our lives, starting with the Self.

In Kundalini we recognise that most of us communicate from either our 'Hidden Self' - the deeper layers of subconscious caused by hurt in childhood - or from our 'Mask' - the persona we hide behind to prevent others, and our selves from seeing our real truth.

In any communication between two people, there are actually six 'people' present; my true Self, the version of myself that I project, the version of me that you perceive; your true Self, the version of yourself that you project, and the version of you that I perceive.

This course aims to strip away some of those layers of perception and give us a sense of our true Self, the aim being to create more authentic communication in all areas of our lives.


Monday 6th., thursday 9th., wednesday 15th. and friday 17th. August at 5.30 - 7.00pm.


1 class 175 DDK / 25 EUROS

2 classes 250 DDK / 35 EUROS

4 classes 400 DDK / 55 EUROS

Bookings and questions:


About Sara

Sara has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for over seven years, qualifying in the UK with SKY, the School of Kundalini Yoga ( in 2004. Since then she has been living and working Dahab on Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, which is where she first discovered freediving in 2006. She excelled at the sport, going from complete beginner to three-times World Record holder in just nine months and attributes a large part of her success to her yoga and meditation practice.

Since her initial world titles, Sara has faced profound challenge in her personal life with, among other things, the death of her mother in 2008. Sara's yoga practice, and in particular the potential of Kundalini to connect the individual with the Self, has enabled her to recover her deep sense of self-belief and trust. The ultimate proof of the power of her practice was in her to return to the water in September last year when she finally broke the 100m mark in a spectacularly easy dive to 104m - on one breath. In June 2011 Sara began the next stage of her personal journey and development with the Amritnam Sarovar ( school in France, where she is completing, over the next two years, her level 2 instructor training.

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