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Yoga for Women ~ Nourishing the feminine body Hos Nalini Yoga

Arrangør:Indigomoon/Nalini Yoga
Fra:23/6/2012 kl. 08:00
Til:23/6/2012 kl. 10:30
Antal visninger:1215


Loerdag d. 23 juni

Klokken 10:00 til 12:30

Yoga for women's health and vital energy.

As a modern woman, you are well trained to have discipline, achieve goals, while caring and giving abundantly.

Even as modern yoginis we have often been trained to practice in a performance based and linear manner, leaving out vital practices of nourishing our feminine source.

This workshop presents enlivening and therapeutic yoga practices to support all experiences of femininity throughout a woman's life. You will be guided to experience, nurture and build the feminine energy of Shakti - the sacred feminine life-force, for the practical healing and benefit of women.

We will explore the path of embodying our sacred femininity through the teachings of vinyasa yoga, moving from the inside out. Flowing through deep hip openers and strengthening the center of personal power as we connect deeply within and ignite the feminine warrior.

The workshop will include a wide array of tools including traditional vinyasa yoga practices, pelvic floor awareness, intuitive movement, Tao Tantra meditation, pranayama and mudra practices and, most importantly, the often forgotten ancient knowledge of the goddess yoga tradition to support the modern woman.

Pris 300 dkk

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*About the facilitator:

Indigomoon is a passionate facilitator of the arts of yoga and sacred femininity. She was intuitively guided to yoga in her early teens, instantly falling in love with the healing power of the practice, which entered her life amidst the confusion of growing up in the Western world. Through the practice of yoga, her path of life was shown. Deeply grateful that the philosophy of yoga shaped her life so early, she now specializes in the path of yoga, sacred femininity, raw foods lifestyle and specialized bodywork.

She offers Therapeutic Abdominal Massages from the Taoist tradition for everyone, as well as a unique offer to women through her private sessions of Women’s Vitality Bodywork.

In her yoga practice, Indigomoon blends a skillful vinyasa practice with ancient wisdom of the goddess yoga tradition, which includes a vast and continuous study of Tao Tantra and practices for healing and igniting our creative life force: Shakti.

She currently lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where she celebrates the sacred dance of life with her life and offerings.

Visit her on www.facebook.com/sacredshakti

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