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Arrangør:BALANCED RETREAT - Anne Mette Buch Bertelsen
Placering:Sjövik Lammhult
Fra:29/7/2021 kl. 15:00
Til:1/8/2021 kl. 14:30
Antal visninger:235


”In order to understand the dance one must be still.
And in order to truly understand stillness one must dance.”

Stinna Shaktiva &
Anne Mette Buch Bertelsen



Embark into 4 days of summer magic in wilderness.

We journey into the art of flowing dancing presence, the great emptiness of meditation, yoga, sound and songs of the soul that unifies arts of healing potential. By connecting with nature, your own essence and a heartwarm community we cultivate a ground to connect with the true nature of a ”compassionate heart. A journey of coming home to ourselves while growing with nature, body and soul as our guide.

We dive into the music, waves and rythms living and playing in our bones, body and soul. Let dance be the song of your body. Let your voice be an instrument for dancing sound waves. Let the state of meditative stillness dissolves all rhythms into oneness. Let rythms of sound and vibrance brings us back to our roots and make our bodies a vehicle for powerful soul encounter.

In a heart warm community we explore that we are not alone in what we are through. We are connected to a world of people who have also danced these dances. This is the dance of life. This is the dance of our hearts.

Join an embodied inquiry into courage, curiosity, interconnectedness and community. A circle to honuor all of our relations, this life as a gift - and Earth as a gift. A place to remember, sence and fell that concious people and nature are good medicin for each other.

Soul Summer Journey explores and include:
* 4 days in the Winderness at Sjövik
* Concious Dance & Moving Meditation
* Meditation & Breath work
* Music, Instruments & Sound
* Gong Meditation
* Yoga - Yin/Hatha/Flow
* Healing art of Touch & Energy work
* Soul Song in the forrest
* Self Compassion & Compassion
* Embodiment & sensory awereness
* Magical ceremonies & rituals
* Sauna by the lake
* Drum Journey
* Sharings in circle
* Silence every morning till 12
* Delicious vegan organic food
* A community to belong to


We will be weaving between nourisment from nature, dance, yoga, meditation, music, sound, singing and silence. This retreat is a journey to explore pathways of how to listen to the voice of your body, intuition and ”embody your gifts”. The ”dance” of meditation and the dance itself is here to dance free the ego of the past, so that we can live fully in the present. Stillness, dance, yoga and soul song opens the door to the connection to self, community, nature and the profundity of the present moment and the divine unknown.

This summer retreat is for people of all ages and abilities – everybody are welcome!

Whatever the pathway, conscious dance is at its core, about a person's embodied awareness and cultivating home in one's body. We contain the ability to move with whatever emotions arise, - dancing and moving through every state with open awareness. To dance is to adress healing on all levels; body, mind, emotion and heart. We explore how to become skillful at dancing through life with an agile and compassionate dancing heart.

It’s an invitation to singers of all abilities to explore the full potential of their voice through playful exercises and songs learned by oral tradition. We will sing songs about nature and wholehearted songs for the soul. Singing is a vital technology of human connection. When joining voices in community, we not only discover a pathway to communion and release, we also cultivate mindfulness, empathy and joy.

With dancing bodies, yoga, breath work, soul song and the stilness of nature we arrive prepared to dive into the realm of meditation. Our bodies are our portal, our voice is our tool, silence is our home. We will be resting in the stillness from where our sound comes from; in doing so we return to the source of empthyness and coming home to our essence. We will cultivate the skills of self-compassion as well as compassion for all beings (inspired by MSC). By doing the sacred work of healing ones own heart, we can then be of service to all beings in a clear, clean and compassionate way.

Immerse in nature with an intimate dancing soul journey, practice meditative awareness, yoga, soul song and community. Learn fundamental skills to feel at home in your body and listening to your body, intuition and nature.


“In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions:
When did you stop dancing?
When did you stop singing?
When did you stop being enchanted by stories?
When did you stop being comforted by the sweet territory of silence?”
Gabrielle Roth


SJÖVIK – in sweedish wilderness
The retreat is held at the beautiful retreatcenter Sjövik. Sjövik is a charming place from 1930 with a stunning lake, forrest and the natural world to explore all day. There’s 2 big houses, sauna and a very beautiful hall overlooking the lake. You will be accommodated either in a double room or single room.

* Arrival: Thursday 29 th of July - 2 PM
* Departure: Sunday 1 th of July 3 PM

16 persons



See the entire program below soon



Find tickeks at billetto

EARLYBIRD PRICE TILL 10. th of June (SAVE 500 dk.kr)

* TENT EARLYBIRD 3600 kr (price is per person) (3 spots – bring own tent)

* 2 PERS. ROOM - EARLYBIRD 3950 dk.kr (price is per person) 4 sports


PRICE AFTER 10 th of June 2020
* 2 PERS. ROOM: DKK 4450 dk.kr (price is per person)
* SINGLE ROOM: DKK 5250 dk.kr

Plus a small administration fee at billetto


Your payment is you sign up for the retreat

You are welcome to pay in installments if you need it (max 3 installments).

Please write: Write to: hello@balanced.dk


The price covers: 4 days teaching, accommodation & delicios organis food (90 procent)
Transport to the retreat is not included in the price.

In case of cancellation:

1/3 of the amount is refunded or you can find a friend who participates instead of you.

When registering, please write to: hello@balanced.dk
Please write if there is anything we should know about injuries, illness or other (eg stress, sick leave, knee injuries, epilepsy or other). Participation is at your own risk - both stay and teaching. Balanced disclaims any responsibility in connection with illness, injuries and the like.




Your payment is you sign up for the retreat. You are welcome to pay in installments if you need it (max 3 installments).The price covers: 7 days teaching, accommodation & delicios organic food. Transport to the retreat is not included in the price, but car polling is often possible. In case of cancellation, 1/3 of the amount is refunded –
or you can find a friend who participates instead of you.Please write if there is anything we should know about injuries, illness or other (eg stress, sick leave, knee injuries, epilepsy or other). Participation is at your own risk - both stay and teaching. Balanced disclaims any responsibility in connection with illness, injuries and the like. Please write to if you have anything to inform about before the retreat: hello@balanced.dk


COVID 19 Safe
At the retreat we follow the guidelines of the authorities in relation to covid 19. We’ll keep all activities safe and be in nature as much as possible. Please take a covid-test 48 hours before the retreat - also when crossing the boarder)


CAR: We encourage to coordinate carpooling with other participants
TRAIN: You can take the train to Lammhult st. * From eg. Copenhagen Airport to Lammhult st (approx. 3 hours with train) You will be picked up at Lammhult station and driven to Sjövik (approx. 5 km) Find train tickets: sj.se


* The retreat is in the wilderness - you are welcome to be in transit through Sweden. ENTRY IN SWEDEN
a covid test that is a maximum of 48 hours on entry to SwedenENTRY IN DENMARK
It is possible to shorten the isolation by a negative PCR test taken at the earliest on the fourth day after entry into Denmark. read more about it on coronasmitte. dk



Anne Mette Buch Bertelsen
My inspiration is nature, body and soul as our primary guide to conscious presence and vitality.
Education from Esalen Institute in California, around the world and Denmark. Important teachers are; Meditation & Self Compassion with Jesper Westmark & Christofer Germer. 15 years of Modern dance/impro with e.g. Jenny Major, 5 Rytms at Esalen Institute, Yoga and body work is various forms. Singing with Lisa SongBird and many others. : Teachers in shamanism are: Anette Høst & Sandra Ingermann. I have 25 years of movement background, 10 years of teaching experience – 6 years of facilitating retreats. My inspiration is especially nature based traditions and shamanism - and the meeting between east and west, as well as practices that build bridges between cultures over time.
The common thread is also experience and education within HR (Cand. Soc. HRM), communication, team management, teaching, as well as consulting & coaching. A turning point in life became a new starting point - therefore HR for me transformed into Human Retreat .....!

Stinna Shaktiva


Anne Mette: hello@balanced.dk
(+ 45 20747922 (send a text/mail if you have questions and I’ll call you)

Mirjam’s words about participating in 2017
”The retreat I’ve been at was amazing, mind blowing and incredible.
There are actually no words to describe how amazing the setting, nature and
Anne Mette is as an inspiring guide. I recommend to everyone to book a retreat.Your soul will love you forever for it!” Mirjam, 2019



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