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Arrangør:Sangha Yoga Studio
Placering:Vesterbrogade 124 B, 1620 København V
Fra:23/6/2017 kl. 17:30
Til:25/6/2017 kl. 16:30
Antal visninger:142
We are complex creatures. If there is a feeling of imbalance, unhappiness or dis-ease in our body, it can be difficult to know where we are getting stuck and how to heal ourselves. The Sanskrit word “kosha” means “sheath” and refers to the multiple layers of our being that comprise who we think we are. There are said to be five koshas, and within the yogic teachings, different practices are prescribed for each layer. These specific practices can cleanse and purify our body, mind and spirit; restoring them to optimal health. The layers can be worked on individually or collectively, but for the most complete experience, all must be addressed.
We will work from the outside, in.
See full programme and details: http://www.sanghayoga.dk/events/5-koshas-jivamukti-workshop-weekend/

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