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Chuck Miller (US) // ASTANGA YOGA workshop & 7-day intensive @ YOGAMUDRA Østerbro

Fra:20/5/2017 kl. 09:30
Til:28/5/2017 kl. 15:00
Antal visninger:330


Study with one of the pioneering teachers of Astanga vinyasa yoga worldwide!
Amazing days with practice and theory, moving, breathing, laughing, enjoying. 

TIME: 20-28 May 2017
PLACE: YOGAMUDRA Østerbro, Ryesgade 106 2nd floor, DK-2100 Copenhagen

Note: Spaces are limited and distributed on a 'first come, first served' basis! All classes are taught in English.

TK Krishnamacharya said: The seed of yoga comes up differently in each individual. The path of yoga is personal and needs to be appropriate for each individual. In this course Chuck will share with us, drawing on his vast experience of years of practicing Astanga and Iyengar yoga, how to apply asanas appropriately so that each of us can achieve our ultimate potential. Yoga philosophy will be linked to the practice of asana, pranayama and meditation for the purpose of greater insight. Focus will be on a non-dogmatic and open approach to what is useful and effective - universal principles that apply to all yoga practices.

Use Astanga yoga to explore YOGA - all levels of experience are welcome. The course will encourage the development of self reliance and the compassionate support of each other's evolution.

Sama Vinyasa: BreathRootsCore - WEEKEND WORKSHOP
20-21 May 2017
Standing authentically.
Using the practice of Samasthiti to find a more natural approach to all asana practices. 
Using Surya Namaskara (sun salutations) and standing posture practices to understand how our Samskaras (impressions/imprints in the deeper structure of the mind) drive us.
Clearing the Samskaras is Nirodha and the purpose of practice. 
We are left with a sense of ease in our body, clarity in our mind. 

Sama Vinyasa: BreathRootsCore - 7-DAY INTENSIVE
22-28 May 2017
Using the essential core practices to find continuity throughout all levels and forms of practice. 
We establish a common vocabulary of physical anatomy as well as philosophical influences on method to create a constancy of mind in all of our various practices. 
Clearing the mind the body follows. 

All days 09:30-15:00 with a 30-minutes lunch break when appropriate.

Chuck has been practicing yoga earnestly since 1971. He met Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in 1980 and studied intensively with him for over 18 years, including numerous extended and familial encounters in America and nearly two years spent in visits to Mysore in South India. Chuck continued studying intermittently with Jois until his death in May 2009 at the age of 94.

Chuck enjoys teaching with a focus on the holistic nature of Ashtanga yoga, presenting it as a philosophical system as well as a strong practical method. Chuck is known for his gentle but deliberate hands-on adjustments which are both reassuring and challenging.

A yoga teacher since 1988, Chuck is a former Director of Ashtanga Yoga and co-owned the original Yoga Works in Santa Monica, CA, for over 16 years. His current travel and teaching schedule is available on his website, http://www.sama-ashtanga.org/ 

Students and teachers with all levels of experience with yoga are welcome.

To sign up, go to http://www.yogamudra.dk/, click on LOG IN in the menu, create a profile and/or log in, then go to PRICES, http://www.yogamudra.dk/Prices, and book/buy the workshop option that you would like to attend. Your space is secured when we have received your payment.

Hotels, hostels, bed & breakfast and private housing are available all over Copenhagen. Look here for more information: http://www.yogamudra.dk/Events/Accommodation_during_workshops.

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