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Kino MacGregor (US) // ASTANGA YOGA workshop @ YOGAMUDRA

Fra:1/9/2017 kl. 18:00
Til:3/9/2017 kl. 16:00
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Join us for Kino's 13th visit to YOGAMUDRA! We are thrilled to have her back and sure that you will enjoy this great yoga experience, too. 

Time: 1-3 September 2017
Place: Charlottehaven, Hjørringgade 12C, DK-2100 Copenhagen

>>>>> We are happy to announce that the event will take place at Charlottehaven, Hjørringgade 12C, DK-2100 Copenhagen! Students will have access to Charlottehaven's Fitness & Health Club including gym, swimming pool, sauna, etc., see below. If you come as a group of students from abroad, you may want to look into Charlottehaven's hotel apartments, too. <<<<<

All classes are taught in English.


Friday, 1 September 2017

18:00-20:00 Be flexible
If you think that flexibility just isn't for you or feel blocked on key poses like forward bends or back bends this is the perfect class for you! Learn how to cultivate the calm and equanimous mind and tap into an inner state of infinite possibility. There is a place of infinite peace within, you just need to discover it. Instead of forcing your body into submission, change the paradigm and set yourself and your body free. Surrender is the magic word that opens the locked doors of the inner body. Dive deeply within and discover what it means to truly be flexible. Leave this class with a new paradigm of movement and a changed attitude of inner awareness. You will learn how to stretch your mind and body.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

10:00-12:00 Yoga drills
Join two hour strength and flexibility journey if you want to laugh, have fun and share the warm heart of yoga with Kino. Start off with a short meditation and then dive into a full-on practice for all levels. From shoulders to core, hips to backbends, your body and mind will be in a yoga bootcamp. If you practice with Kino online and join her sessions on Periscope and YouTube, you will know exactly what to expect! There is something for everyone here, from beginner to advanced yogi. All you need to join is an open heart and a playful spirit.

14:00-16:00 Hip to be square: Love, accept and open your hips
Accessing the deep release and openness that hip rotation requires is a unique combination of anatomical knowledge and inner peace. Join this class to learn the right information and, more importantly, the right frame of mind to hip opening from. Gain access to the deep muscles within the pelvis and learn to relax and release your hips. Be ready for a deep journey into the inner body complete with a detailed muscular and skeletal technique and the subtle body of emotions and energy. Learn how to create the safe space of patience, kindness and tolerance in the deepest regions of the pelvis and watch your hips open.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

10:00-12:00 Astanga yoga full primary series 
Surrender to the traditional Ashtanga yoga method with careful emphasis on the traditional vinyasa method and have fun along the journey. Experience the integrity and purity of the Ashtanga yoga practice and be prepared to sweat.

14:00-16:00 Handstand lovers
No matter how long you practice handstand is a benchmark of strength and steadiness that transcends physical disciplines. From yoga to martial arts to gymnastics a stable handstand is the key test of alignment and mastery. The only thing you need to join this class is a love of handstands. Whether you are a total beginner or have a stable handstand you will learn tools to build strength and alignment while balancing on your hands. Leave with a strength building program that you can do every day to develop the physical and emotional strength to support your handstanding journey.

>>>>> Venue @ Charlottehaven
As a participant in Kino's workshop you will have access to Charlottehaven's Fitness & Health Club Friday 1 Sep. 16:00-22:00, Saturday 2 Sep. 8:00-19:00 and Sunday 3 Sep. 8:00-19:00. Here you will find a gym for fitness training; a large free exercise area incl. a kinesis functional training wall, which facilitates an infinite range of exercises; indoor cycling; swimming pool; sauna; all in high quality and in a very attractive setting in Østerbro. 

In Charlottehaven you will also find a cosy café that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekdays and brunch during weekends. The café is open Friday 7:00-22:00, Saturday and Sunday 10:00-16:00.  

Charlottehaven also offers hotel apartments that you may want to check out if you are a group of students or a family travelling to Copenhagen for this event. <<<<<

Kino is an international yoga teacher, author of three books, producer of six Astanga yoga DVDs, writer, vlogger, world traveler, co-founder of Miami Life Center (http://miamilifecenter.com/) and founder of Miami Yoga Magazine. Kino's dharma is to help people experience the limitless potential of the human spirit through the inner tradition of yoga. She is is one of the few people in the world of yoga to embrace both the traditional teaching of India's historic past and the popular contemporary social media channels, see for example Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/kinoyoga/) and YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/user/KinoYoga). With more than 15 years of experience in Astanga yoga, she is one of a select group of people to receive the Certification to teach Astanga yoga by its founder Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India and practice through the fourth series of Astanga yoga.

Without any background in movement training Kino tried her first yoga class when she was nineteen. Three years later, she joined Govinda Kai's Mysore-style classes in New York City and became a dedicated Astanga yoga practitioner. After seven months of traditional Astanga practice Kino traveled to Mysore, India to meet her true teacher, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (Guruji). Upon her return she began real self-practice by practicing alone and devoting herself entirely to the study and teaching of Astanga yoga. After seven years of consistent trips to Mysore, at the age of 29, she received from Guruji the Certification to teach Astanga yoga and has since worked to pass on the inspiration to practice to countless others.

Passionate about the environment, ethical fashion and conscious consumerism she believes that if everyone on Earth practiced yoga we would have a more peaceful planet. With a Master's Degree from New York University, Kino integrates her commitment to consciousness, lifelong learning and empowerment with her yoga teaching. More information at KinoYoga.com (http://www.kinoyoga.com/).

All Astanga yoga practitioners can participate and benefit from the weekend workshop, both beginners with some prior knowledge of Astanga yoga and more experienced students. You do not need to practice all of primary series to participate - just bring an open mind and willingness to experiment!

To sign up, go to http://www.yogamudra.dk/, click on LOG IN in the menu, create a profile and/or log in, then go to PRICES, http://www.yogamudra.dk/Prices, and book/buy the workshop option that you would like to attend. Your space is secured when we have received your payment.

Hotels, hostels, bed & breakfast and private housing are available all over Copenhagen. Look here for more information: http://www.yogamudra.dk/Events/Accommodation_during_workshops.

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